Be a part of your dogs social life

The social app for dogs that helps you too…

Have doggy conversations and bark to make new friends…

chat screen
walk screen

Find out who is out on walks! Thanks to realtime mapping you can see all the dogs near you.

Set your mood for your doggy to let others know if they are happy, playful or need some space.

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walk screen

We don’t all get along and neither do our dogs, so if you meet a dog that you don’t get on with mark them as Dangerous to avoid each other in future.

If your lady dog is in heat, you can let other dogs know, too. Keep those boys at a safe distance!

Poop Bag Alert! If you run out or forget, send out a distress call to a fellow dog walker to help you out.

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Please, recommend Bark to your friends. Without dogs you can’t hear the Barks!!

We will be adding lots of new stuff to Bark to make your doggy lives better…

So use Bark to

Meet new dog pals

Saying hello has never been easier! Now you can check out any dog you meet during your walk and decide if you want to see each other again

Avoid Dangerous Dogs you don't want to run into

What's more, you can check if the dog you meet is having her "Lady’s Days". You will get push notifications when she appears nearby

Send a Poop Bag Alert

We all know this embarrassing feeling when your dog does a poop and you don't have a special bag for it. Say no more and simply send a Poop Bag Alert to dogs near you

About Bark

Be a part of your dog’s social life. With Bark you can meet new friends or avoid Dangerous Dogs. Join the community of dog lovers! Bark solves real problems and helps you avoid dogs you don't want to meet or tell other people that your dog isn't friendly.